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SimMarket - sales stopped

Dear customers. Sales on SimMarket have been stopped. If you purchased our product from but do not want to lose updates, we have ensured the transfer of products to partners from iniBuilds. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions. After successful verification of the data entered by you, the update of the originally purchased product from SimMarket will be made available to you from the iniBuilds website.

Thank you for understanding.

Your team, Flying Partners Slovakia, 28.5.2024

LKMT Ostrava

Hello friends.
After a long time, we would like to present to you some pictures from the development of the scenery of the Ostrava LKMT airport on our Facebook page.
We started working at the Ostrava airport after the Christmas holidays. It is the biggest project we have produced so far. The perimeter of the ortho map is almost 21 km and the area of the scenery occupies a little over 10 km².
I've been drawing for months, adjusting the terrain, planting some objects and others.
Colleague Aďo is currently finishing building objects and Lukáš is processing some static objects.
Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot say the release date, but we will try to make it as soon as possible. 04.19.2024

Happy New year 2024

Dear friends.

Thank you very much for your favor and support in 2023. We wish you a Happy New Year 2024 full of health and success. So many takeoffs, so many landings!

Your Flying Partners Slovakia.

Christmas discounts

Hello friends.

During Christmas, we have prepared for you discounts of more than 35% on all our sceneries. They will be available on all websites where we publish our products, but especially on the MSFS Marketplace from 20.12.2023 to 03.01.2024.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday. Your Flying Partners Slovakia team.

Permission to document Sliač airport

Good evening friends.

I have just written an official request to the Slovak Ministry of Defense for permission to enter Sliač airport for the purpose of photography. We would like to create this iconic airport for you. The first attempt to obtain a permit during the government of Minister Naď was unsuccessful. I decided to try to apply once more after the change of minister. There is nothing left but to wait for the answer. I will inform you about the result. 

Martin, FPS, 6.11.2023

LZOC - Ocova on MSFS Marketplace PC/XBOX

Hello my friends.

We are happy to announce that the scenery of the picturesque Očová LZOC airport is now fully on sale on the Microsoft Marketplace for both the PC and XBOX platforms. We believe you will like it. Come and fly to Očová with us. 

Your FPS team ;) 03.11.2023

LKPD-Pardubice on MSFS Marketplace PC/XBOX

Hello friends.

We are happy to announce that the scenery of the Pardubice LKPD airport is now fully on sale on the Microsoft Marketplace for both the PC and XBOX platforms. We put a lot of effort into it, so we believe that you will like it. Come fly to Pardubice with us. Your FPS team ;)  13.10.2023

SimMarket sales started

Hello friends.

We are happy to announce that from today all our products are also available on

Among others, our new LKPD Pardubice Airport.

Have a good flight!


LKKV - Karlovy Vary airport


Based on additional research after the Central Eastern Europe update, we decided to cancel this project. Since the aforementioned update includes this airport, we want to focus our energy on other projects. Thank you for your understanding. 25/09/2023

LKPD - Pardubice airport

Hello friends.

After 3 months of work, we completed the Pardubice Airport project. The scenery (PC version) will be available from 1.10.2023 at: and at Later (PC/XBOX version) of course also on the MSFS Marketplace.

We believe that you will like it and enjoy it either as a CLV fighter pilot or a transport pilot. Nice flight. 25/09/2023

  • Ortho map created on February 20, 2023.
  • Pardubice Airport was documented on April 24, 2023.
  • We would like to thank very much for mediating the entry: Mr. Commander of the unit and first lieutenant. Iva Machova. We thank Ms. Vykoukalová from the Army of the Czech Republic and Mr. Petr Šušl from CLV for accompanying us around the airport.
  • We are currently processing the documents.



Hello friends.

Modifications of another 5 airports were completed today for the standard: World Update 14 - Central Eastern Europe.

LZMA Martin to version 1.5

LZPT Partizanske to version 1.1

LZDB Dubnica to version 1.2

LZZA-LZZH Janova Lehota to version 1.1

and LZNI Nitra-Janikovce to version 1.1

Have a nice day and have a good flight!


Update of LZTN, LZSV and LZZI

Hello friends.

During the weekend, 3 airports were modified for the standard: World Update 14 - Central Eastern Europe.

LZTN - Trenčín to version 1.5

LZSV - Spišská Nová Ves to version 1.1

and LZZI - Žilina airport to version 1.1

As for the Žilina airport for Marketplace. There is already updated scenery for both PC and XBOX in the approval process.

Have a nice day and have a good flight!


LZTT Poprad-Tatry collides with WU14 - instructions for fixing.

Hello friends.

Yesterday Microsoft gave us free World update 14 - Central Eastern Europe. The update also includes the LZTT Poprad airport, which was processed by the Gaya Simulations studio for Microsoft. Our scenery and this new one collide with each other and are shown in the simulator at the same time. If you want to see only our scenery in your simulator, you need to take a few simple steps.

1.) click on: Profile

2.) click on: Content Manager

3.) type: "central" in the search box

4.) you will see: "UPDATE XIV: Central Eastern Europe" where click on the blue button on the right side

5.) find and mark "LZTT Poprad-Tatry Airport" and click: "DELETE"

6.) confirm: "Yes"

7.) when loading the flight, you will only see our scenery

You can find a picture tutorial in the link below. Thanks for cooperation.



LZKZ already on XBOX

Hello friends.

The previous ASOBO error has been fixed and LZKZ Košice Airport is already fully available on the Xbox platform.


PC and XBOX version

Hello friends.

From today 19.05.2023, are all of our scenery is available on Microsoft Marketplace not only on PC, but also on Xbox. The Xbox version of Košice will be released soon.

Have a nice flight ;)

Your creators Martin and Andrej

LZOC - Ocova airport

  • Ortho map created on March 4, 2023.
  • Very nice Očová airport was also documented on May 13, 2023. The photos were taken despite not very good weather. Not a very good mood from the weather were chased away by very nice and accommodating members of the aeroclub. In particular, the deputy chairman Jana Krnáčová and the chairman Ing. Pavel Jedlička. We felt very comfortable here. We thank them very much for allowing the documentation, and we also wish them and the entire team of the aeroclub good health, strength and success in improving the airport.

LZLU - Lucenec airport

  • Ortho map created on February 26, 2023.
  • Lučenec Airport was documented on May 13, 2023. The photos were successful. We would like to thank the chairman of the AK Lučenec council, Mr. Vladimír Karel, and the security manager, Mr. Štefan Nagy, for the permission to document. We wish you and the members of the aero club good health and success.

LZRU - Ruzomberok airport

  • Ortho map created on March 4, 2023.
  • Ružomberok Airport was documented on May 12, 2023. The weather was not very good, but the photos turned out well. Thank you very much to the chairman of the Ružomberok Aeroclub Ing. Miroslav Vrbenský for his kind reception and accompaniment. We wish you and the members of the aero club good health and success.

MSFS Marketplace

Hello friends.

We are very happy to announce that after almost a year and a half, we have successfully entered the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, where our first two sceneries are already available. These are: LZZI - Žilina and LZTT - Poprad. Sceneries of Košice and Pieštany airports will follow shortly. Of course, as other upcoming projects as well.

Thank you very much for your trust and support. Thanks to you, we are moving forward.

Your creators, Martin and Andrej.

LKMT - Ostrava airport

  • Ortho map created on February 14, 2023.
  • Ostrava Airport was documented on April 30, 2023.
  • The photography took place in beautiful sunny weather in good company and in a good mood for 4 hours.
  • The result is 712 photos, which we will edit accordingly.
  • For excellent communication and cooperation, we would like to thank: Ing. Kateřina Pustějovská - Marketing and PR, Mr. Petr Voráč - head of the Airport Security department. For accompanying we would like to thank very kind and helpful Airport Security staff. Thank you very much and we wish you all the best.

Former military airport under Hejlak released

Hello friends.

I created a former military airport near Hejlák at the request of one of the fans. It was built during the Second World War, but despite its short history, it is interesting. You can read more information in the manual included in the package. You can download it here.

Poprad-Tatry airport released

Hello friends,

the day came when we launched the sale of Poprad-Tatry airport scenery. After the launch of the Košice airport, we again added an airport from eastern Slovakia to our portfolio, from the beautiful High Tatras.

We believe that you will like it. At least as much as we like the airport itself and the very nice and accommodating people working and literally living there. Do not hesitate now, fly over the beautiful scenery of the High Tatras and enjoy the sunset over the Tatras. 🙂

Your creators, Martin and Andrej

Poprad-Tatry airport scenery is available on: flightsim and inibuilds.

FS News

FS News has wrote about us on September 28, 2022. You can read the article here.

an article by fontech.startitup

We would like to share with you this time a complete article in pdf format from fontech.startitup. We originally informed you about it on September 6, 2022. You can now read it in full in pdf format.

To download the complete article in pdf, click on the link here.

contract with Microsoft

On November 16, 2022, our small team reached another milestone. After a year of hard work on sceneries, legislative matters and communication, we finally signed a cooperation agreement with Microsoft.
Currently, all our sceneries "including Poprad-Tatry LZTT" are in the process of being approved by the Microsoft Marketplace team.
We are proud of the fact that, as the only Slovak company involved in the creation of sceneries, we represent our beautiful country in the world.
Thank you to all very much for your support during the two years we have been in existence. Thanks to your trust, we have moved forward.

contract with IniBuilds

We are happy to announce that, 13.10.2022 we established a partnership with the English company iniBuild and our products are also available in their e-shop from today.

So, we present our beautiful Slovakia from today also in the United Kingdom. Enjoy iniBuild promo video.

contract with Flightsim

We are happy to announce that, 15.03.2022 we established a partnership with the German company Flightsim and our products are also available in their e-shop from today.