About us

We are a small group of enthusiasts from the Slovak Republic, which has been operating since December 2020 under the name Flying Partners Slovakia. In our free time, we are dedicated to creating scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

We try to make our beautiful Slovakia visible in the world with our own textures and added objects.

We have completed free projects: Vysielač Zobor, Vysielače Slovenska, airports: Trenčín, Dubnica, Nitra, Janova Lehota, Partizánske, Spišská Nová Ves, Martin, Milan Rastislav Štefánik International Airport, Plzen Line, Sandpoint Airport, Zábreh, former military airport Hejlak and our own library of 3D objects.

As payware, we have created airports: LZZI - Zilina, LZPP - Piestany, LZKZ - Kosice and LZTT - Poprad.

All our paid products are documented during a personal visit to a specific airport. They are also created according to satellite data and the latest AIP SR (airport maps). So we try to reproduce the scenery as faithfully as possible so that you get the best possible product.

Martin Duris

Martin Duris

Founder of Flying Partners Slovakia. 

At the age of 8, he changed his passion for trains to airplanes and has been involved in aviation in his spare time ever since. When he was 15 years old, he joined Aeroclub Trencin and flew the world-famous L-13 Blaník glider for 5 wonderful years.

Between 2008 and 2010, he worked at the airline company Seagle Air in Bratislava, where he managed the maintenance coordination of the Boeing 737-300 fleet across almost half of the world.

If he has exceptionally free time, he likes to fly on flight simulators such as X-plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, he enjoys creating sceneries for these simulators. He started modestly from the MS2004 simulator. Next FSX, XPL11. But always only for your own needs. From december 2020 he teamed up with another creator and together they created several sceneries for free, which have already been made available to the public.

In the team, he is in charge of: creating scenery in the SDK program, creating Ortho photo maps in the Image Composite Editor, Zoner Photo Studio and QGIS programs, handling various permits, negotiating and signing contracts, documenting airports, taking care of customer and support services, creating videos and and handles marketing.

Andrej Fridrich

Another important member of Flying Partners Slovakia is Andrej. He is very busy in his work as a graphic artist, but always willing to help.

He studied the field of design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of STU in Bratislava, where he graduated from the field of interior design as Mgr. art.

So design is in his blood :) He got into 3D modeling for Flight Simulator during preparations for the Milan Rastislav Štefánik airport project in Bratislava. We have been working together on our sceneries ever since.

In the team, he is in charge of: creating 3D models in the programs: 3DSmax, Blender, ModelConverter and GLTF viewer, he also photo-documents and textures the finished models through Photoshop and the programs mentioned above.

Andrej Fridrich

Lukas Tomcik

The newest member of our team is Lukas.

He works as a leader in the network infrastructure management department.

He got into 3D graphics already in the GTA3 era, where he created his own car models for the game. After that, graphics remained just a hobby for him.

He studied Computer Science at the FEI in Košice, where he had the opportunity to learn more about 3D scanning of buildings and 3D printing.

He started creating for MSFS a year ago, when he fell under the spell of flying. He discovered our scenery of Košice and Bratislava. The desire to create something again brought him to us after that. He is skilful and willing to get down to work.

In the team is responsible for: creating 3D models in the following rograms: SketchUp, Blender, ModelConverter and GLTF viewer. He also photo-documents and textures the finished models through Photoshop.